What is Primrose Place?

Primrose Place™ is an online platform specifically designed for families to share a published reference of their story. There are 10 million people retiring every year and many of these people have started to think about how to leave a legacy to their family. Primrose Place provides the unique opportunity for people to share something truly meaningful and of lasting value. Our legacy books are an expression of a person’s life, recording their life for remembrance, for future generations, and passing on values and beliefs held most precious.

Our mission

Primrose Place™ encourages family members to combine their personal stories, photos, thoughts, and values to create a high-quality, hard-bound book to leave as a legacy. We want to motivate boomers to engage with technology in a way that is inspiring and encouraging to them. Our mission is to assist boomers in the creation of a Legacy Book that says, "this life matters."

Meet the Team

We are a multi-generational team that combines unique backgrounds and skills to create the shared vision of Primrose Place.